Stacked Up TV thinks writers are rock stars. A mashup of MTV’s Cribs, Oprah’s Book Club and The Paris Review, each five-minute Stacked Up episode features one of your favorite writers giving an insider’s tour of his or her library. We’ve found the best way to know writers is by the books they keep.

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Stacked Up TV Productions
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Creator and Executive Producer

Jill Bauerle, Executive Producer

Jill Bauerle is a multimedia journalist and bookophile living in Brooklyn, New York. Most recently she worked at Advertising Age as a producer for the daily video news show, 3 Minute Ad Age. During a move to California three years ago, the U. S. Post Office lost hundreds of her books. Stacked Up is her excuse to restock her shelves.

Director and Producer

Jennifer B. Katz, Director and Producer

Jennifer B. Katz wrote and directed 101 Ways (the things a girl will do to keep her Volvo), a comedy feature film distributed on Showtime and The Movie Channel. Despite a lifelong fear of pipes, she is the creator of FLUSH TV, an Internet reality series about plumbing. She lives in Brooklyn, New York with her beloved ’94 Volvo.


Maya Rossi

Maya Rossi is a certified Problem Solver™ and one of the busiest freelancers in New York City. She most recently art directed the feature film, Ilegales, shot in New Mexico and Texas.


Susan Sfarra

Susan Sfarra spent the early part of her life growing trees, which she likes to imagine may have ended up as books. These days she is focused on writing screenplays and convincing her family members to act in her short films. Her short, The Growing Season, made its film festival debut in January, 2010 at Slamdance in Park City, Utah.


George Maurice Sinfield

George Maurice Sinfield is a freelance editor and motion graphics designer. He
has worked on projects for A&E, MTV, and the Black Spectrum Theatre. His previous career was in the video game industry, where he split his time writing for Nintendo’s marketing department and designing games for Sony and Squaresoft.

Graphic Designer

Jeff Rutzky

Jeff Rutzky’s report card in kindergarten stated that he “works well with paper and scissors.” He is the author and designer of several papercraft books, including Kirigami,
, Jewelgami, and Bugagami. Jeff works as an artist and graphic designer in New York City.